Xbox Vibrator

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Why the XBOX Vibrator?

    At first glance, the ingenious XBOX Vibrator does not appear to be special. Upon further investigation, however, it is hard to ignore the indisputable value of this software. 

    The XBOX Vibrator is the brain-child of the worlds most respected software engineers and inventors, who collaborated to produce a tool that will revolutionize the way we see entertainment forever. 

Massage Your Hands!

    With the XBOX Vibrator, simply hold your XBOX Controller in both hands. Leave the rest to the XBOX Vibrator. The XBOX Vibrator will deliver a satisfying and invigorating massage that you would otherwise have to see a masseuse to receive. Did we mention that it's free?


    Do you ever find yourself longing for a good tuggie, but are too tired and/or sore to do the job yourself? Gone are the days when you must go to bed unsatisfied. With the new XBOX Vibrator, turn your old XBOX Controller into a one-size-fits-all vibrator suitable for both men & women. Just apply the device to your sensitive region, pick your preferable speed, and relax. 

No Worries!

    Why keep a pleasuring device around when you have your XBOX Controller and XBOX Vibrator software to do the job? Don't worry about family and friends finding your old sex toys. No one will give a second thought about an XBOX Controller sitting on your desk. With the XBOX Vibrator, you can please yourself both subtlety and effectively.